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Burrata with San Daniele Prosciutto and Pickle Vegetable (GF)

$28.00 AUD inc GST

Enjoy this very special starter of beautiful Burrata cheese and the king of Prosciutto Crudo – San Daniele served with delicious pickled vegetable.

Burrata Cheese is a decadent cheese with a delicate pouch of fresh mozzarella with a filling of stracciatella (soft, stringy curd and cream). Burrata literally translates into “buttered”. The magic happens when the Burrata is cut open and the creamy insides spill out.

The unmistakably characteristic colour, aroma, and flavour of San Daniele set it apart from other hams with a sweet taste, delicate, almost floral aroma and attractive pink flesh. This prosciutto crudo is produced from start to finish in San Daniele, a small village in Italy’s northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.


This dish serves 2 people

1 tub of buratta (125g ball) ‘That’s Amore’ Burrata Cheese
80g shaved San Daniele Prosciutto
Container of pickled vegetables


This dish is gluten free.

Apologies we cannot accommodate, customisations, special requests and dietary requirements for this dish.

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